• Memcache @ Facebook
  • Scribe/Hive
  • Netty (IO)
  • Coherence, RFOC, Cassandra
  • Spring performance monitor interceptor

Open Source

JTAble replacements

UrlRewrite for Tomcat



Apache Commons

I haven't used this much yet, but some things look interesting like EqualsBuilder.

TODO: build an equals builder that works on getters (as annotated via JPA) instead of private fields. I'd like this since in some of my Model objects, I store things in an internal hash instead of fields.

General Java


We use an embedded JSP engine to generate emails and batch-generated HTML reports. As we moved these jsp files into the 'resources' class path, I wanted to configure IntelliJ to copy these files over to the target directory when compiling.

We also use other resources files like xsd, wav, etc.

This is easy ... just add another pattern to Settings => Compiler => Resource Patterns. All I had to do was add


to the end of the line. The semi-colon is the separator.

Mac - Adjust PermGen space

  • Edit /Developer/Applications/IntelliJ IDEA and modify the VMOptions string towards the bottom.

Firebug and Firefox and Yahoo Mail

My Firefox was crashing whenever I closed a window/tab containing Yahoo Mail. I added "" to the disallowed sites and this seems to have fixed the problem.

Firefox in Java

Open Source

Interesting Projects

Code Signing


Export Certificate after Fetching it From Comodo

  • _Control Panel -> Internet Properties -> Content -> Certificates_
  • Select most recent cert, click *Export*
  • Choose *Yes, export private key*
  • Choose *Personal Info Exchange*, *Include all certificates* and *Enable Strong protection*. Leave *Delete* unchecked.
  • Enter a password
  • Save in installer/win/poker (Note: as of the 2013 cert, this seems to create the .pvk file directly which means we don't need to follow the steps below)

Required software

  • signtool.exe - Found a copy someone posted on the internet to avoid downloading entire Microsoft developer behemoth (click the small 'Download' link in upper-left).
  • capicom dlls or here - Required by signtool
  • pvkimprt tool or here - used to convert .pvk and .spc files into a .pfx file.


  • mykey.pvk (private key) created during sign-up process.
  • mykey.spc (certificate) downloaded after vetting
  • mykey.pfx (combined key/cert) created using pvkimprt.exe
$ pvkimprt.exe -pfx mykey.spc mykey.pvk
$ signtool.exe sign /f mykey.pfx /p "secret-password" /d "DD Poker" 
/du "" /t "" ddpoker3.exe

Install4j Option:

To use in Install4j 4, specfied this as the code signing command (Media Wizard). Note the use of a full path to signtool.exe

c:\junk\Microsoft\signtool.exe sign /f mykey.pfx /p "secretpassword" /d "DD Poker" 
/du "" /t "" $EXECUTABLE

June 2011 breakage

I got an error trying to run saying "signtool requires capicom version". To fix this I:

  • Ran *capicom_dc_sdk.msi* and removed old install (in c:\Junk\Microsoft)
  • Ran it again and re-installed it
  • On command line ran regsvr32.exe capicom.dll (as per hint found here)

Then things worked again.

For future ref, capicom.dll found:

  • C:\program files\microsoft CAPICOM SDK\Lib\X86
  • c:\windows\system32\
  • c:\work\dev\installer\win\poker

Not clear which one is the one in use.

Release DD Poker

  • Fix DataElementConfig line 121: Must be uncommented for Mac, commented out for Linux. *TODO*: Fix this someday.
  • Update version in PokerConstants
  • Update and checkin whatsnew.html
  • Rename old installers in ~builds/poker3.x/installers and c:/builds/poker3.x/installers to reflect the old patch revision
  • Run buildall -full -clean on MacPro (mac) and Windows (windows, linux)
    • Incompatibility with retro .bashrc on MacPro
  • Run buildall -full -clean on MacMini (mac 10.5 and older) - renamed file to DDPoker3-old.dmg
    • Had to change JAVA_HOME on MacMini to explicitly use Java 1.5
  • Update byte counts in download page (version is automatic - based on PokerConstants version)
  • Push new code on server, rebuild and install (see below)
  • scp installers to poker server to (download location symlinked here)

Push New Code

As me, start-sshagent, sshadd and start-svntunnel

$ free-ddpoker3
$ dev
$ svn up *
$ code
$ sudo /etc/init.d/pokerserver stop
$ sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat stop
$ mvn-install-notests
$ sudo /etc/init.d/pokerserver start
$ sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat start

When Mac IP changes

  • Edit ~/common/config/bashrc_common - mac-remote alias
  • Edit ~/common/script/svntunnel - SVNHOST variable

Box Update

  • 11/1/2011

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